Fabric falls, curtain calls, Galleri Rotor2, Gothenburg 2018

RE—STRAIN, Konstväggen, Jönköpings Stadsbibliotek 2018

Marcus Appelberg
Jönköpings Stadsbibliotek

To restrain. My images have been created through a restrained approach, wherein elements have been simplified and the emptiness has spoken. Meticulously constructing images following pre-set conditions have become a working method informing my practice. In RE—STRAIN a new material is restrained: fabric is strained onto stretchers, draped and folded over it to create images without painting. They relate to the materials of painting, linen and stretcher, and the stretcher becomes the given frame, the pictorial realm, that the fabric must relate to. My interest for fabric goes back - it has been depicted in my paintings but also enclosed my body in unconventional ways. Fashion har perhaps finally arrived in my practice, appearing not only as a sole entity outside painting. As certain clothing redefines and reshapes the body, the fabric is strained over the stretcher in an attempt to create pictorial space, redefine frames and break accustomed patterns.

1KG, Galleri Rotor2 2017

STILL WALLS, Galleri Tegel 2017

Homecoming Queen, Österängens Konsthall 2017

Homecoming Queen
Österängens Konsthall
March 4th - April 9th 2017

Anton Brolin / Carl-Oskar Jonsson / Clara J:son Borg / Hillevi Cecilia Högström / Jesper O.T. Andersson / Joakim Sandkvist / Karl Georg Staffan Björk / Malin Persson / Monica Tormell / Nina Noreskär / Paul-Robin Sjöström / Sebastian Dahlqvist / Stina Malmqvist / Tim Söderström / Tina Hultsborn / Marcus Appelberg

”Hur förhåller man sig till sin hemstad? Vi har återkommit till minnen. Alla har vi minnen av en stad som inte längre är vår. Det kan vara svårt att komma tillbaka. Här var man en annan person, innan allt det där man lärt sig på den nya platsen. Dit man sökte sig för att bredda horisonten och bli någon annan. Kanske till och med göra sig kvitt den man en gång var.”

Homecoming Queen is a group exhibition showing 16 artists from Jönköping, today living and working around Sweden and abroad. The exhibition will show a variety of works. A catalogue will accompany the exhibition, exploring the artist's relation to their hometown.

Artists have always been mobile and in today's global society they are perhaps the most mobile. When borders open and free mobility is seen as a human right the art is changing. In Sweden the art universities are located in the big cities, and those are the places to which the artists are drawn.

What do we bring with us from our upbringing and heritage?
Do we wear the stamp of the place we grow up or are we more influenced by the place to which me move?

Homecoming Queen brings these artists back to Jönköping. The work leading up to the exhibition has been a detective work: Where are the artist's located? What are they working on?

I've found them in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. In Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and Reykjavik.

The catalogue can be bought here

Absolventenausstellung, UdK Berlin 2016

Konstsalongen 2015, Nässjö Konsthall 2015

Walls, Pony Royal, Berlin 2015

Vanitas, Marcus Appelberg & Maja Sikorska, Tändsticksgränd 24 Jönköping 2015

Mantra, curated by Marcus Appelberg, Tändsticksgränd 24 Jönköping 2015

Tändsticksgränd 24
February 20th - March 8th 2015

Jesper O.T. Andersson / Marcus Appelberg / Alexandra Dahlqvist / Mikael Fransson / Judtih Gerke / Anna Innokenteva / Jonathan Jung / Anne-Sophie Kneer / Julian-Jakob Kneer / Golnosh Hosseini / Kajsa Rhodin / Michel Wagenschütz / Filippa Wikner

Young art students from Sweden and the university in Berlin were showcased together under the theme mantra. Repetition was a key theme, showcased through painting, drawing, new media and installation.


photos: Mikael Fransson

The exhibition was funded by Jönköpings Kommun Kultur. Special thank you to Kulturhuset and Konstnärsföreningen Dymlingen.

Frilagret, Göteborg 2014

Reflections, Brezel Bar, Berlin 2013
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